Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going

The Riley Center began as just a small two-room suite on Clinton Avenue in downtown Huntsville in August 2006. At the time, TRC served only a few clients with a handful of dedicated staff.

How We Came To Be

In 2001, Patton Riley Crane was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of 3 1/2. His family searched without limits for the best treatment available for Patton, wanting to provide him with the best chance of recovery and the best hope for a meaningful future. Sadly, Patton’s family soon realized treatment options were limited in the local area, and they planned to pack-up their lives and move to the northeast to provide Patton with effective treatment. As they planned and prepared, the Cranes found the process to be very costly, tiring, and difficult, to say the least. The need for another, better option weighed heavily on the heart of Patton’s mother, Melody P. Crane. With her new wealth of knowledge she gained through the struggles for hope with Patton and her long, rich history in Special Education, Melody realized she had to open a center, not only for Patton but for all children and families affected by autism in the Huntsville area. With a hope, a mission, and the support of her family, friends, and community, Melody founded The Riley Center, named for her son, and began a bright future of changing lives all across northern Alabama and southern Tennessee.

Off to a New Adventure

By 2007, The Riley Center had grown more than Melody could have imagined. After only two short years, it was time for a new, bigger space. Melody was determined to have a place for every child and family needing Hope For Autism.

1900 Golf Road

At the new location, the center grew by leaps and bounds…new kids, new students, new staff, new services, new hope! Across the span of our five-year lease at Golf Road, TRC went from utilizing two hallways of Suite E to occupying the entire bottom floor of the building. With growth came challenges, but we saw each as a new opportunity!

4092 Memorial Parkway Southwest

In 2012, we were packed up and on our way to a new space again. We needed more space to change more lives and contine to positively impact our community. Thankfully, we moved just a block away and were back to services the next day…no time to waste! Melody and the TRC Team were blown away by the continued exponential growth, and excited for even more opportunities to positively impact the lives of others. With the new, even bigger space, both outpatient and education services expanded, as well as consultation and training, taking our ability to raise awareness and reach others even father!

Hope Never Stops Growing

And within only another five short years, we were busting at the seams again, striving to accommodate the needs of every child and family that walks through our doors. With the growth of all programs, and the addition of new ones, it was time to find a new, perhaps forever, home for 2018!

306 Wynn Drive

For the first time ever, TRC is very excited to be located in a stand alone building on a private property centrally located right off of I-565 to families across the area! Our new location has current room to grow, as well as additional acreage on which we can build and expand. There are big changes to come, many more lives to change, and a lot of HOPE to spread!

Follow Your Dreams

TRC has accomplished much more than it could have dreamed in the past years, and we are thankful for every life we have had the privilege to be touched by and change! Our dreaming doesn’t stop here though… Home Is Where The Hope Is No matter where we are located and how we may grow and change over the years, one thing will remain, our mission of HOPE. Our passion for improving the lives of children and families affected by autism. Our dedication to awareness and acceptance for a better tomorrow!

Growing Partnerships

The Riley Center’s success has been more astounding than words could ever express. We live our mission of HOPE every minute of every day, bit it would never be possible without our generous community and the outpouring of support! THANK YOU!