Speech and Language Pathologists (SLPs), sometimes informally referred to as Speech Therapists, specialize in the evaluation and treatment of a variety of communication disorders and feeding/swallowing disorders. Language disorders may be of two types, Receptive Language Disorders and Expressive Language Disorders: The components of Receptive Language deal with how a person/child comprehends what is said to them (i.e. following directions, understanding questions….), while Expressive Language deals with formulating sentences, grammar, syntax, verbally conveying wants, needs, ideas, comment to others. Other areas of language Speech Pathologists are qualified to assess and treat include Pragmatics, how one uses their language to relate to others and the use of Assistive Technology to provide tools for communication if speaking is difficult or impaired. The components of Speech Production consist of sound production, voice, intonation.  Speech Disorders, referred to as Articulation Disorders/Delays are common and are based on how a child’s speech sounds when they speak.

Further information may be found on the American Speech and Language Association Website (ASHA) at  http://www.asha.org/.