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The Riley Center operates a non-profit private day school for students grades K-9 diagnosed with autism and/or related disorders. The programs provide academic, social and independent skill instruction through the implementation of researched-based/best practices from the field of special education and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) for early learners to advanced learners. All students receive instruction in the four core academic areas of Mathematics, Reading, Language Arts, Science and Social Sciences which follows the Alabama State Course of Study.  Each student’s program is individualized to include individual ABA therapy and/or small group instruction using Discrete Trial and Precision Teaching techniques.  Emphasis is placed on Community based instruction and early job skills training for students in our prevocational program.  Classrooms are staffed by certified special education teachers, highly trained ABA therapists, and are overseen by Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

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  • Reading Comprehension/Spelling/Vocabulary—PCI Reading; Reading Mastery
    • PCI is a research-supported curriculum shown to be effective with children with language delays using specialized teaching and visual memory techniques paired with repetition
    • Reading Mastery is used along with Precision Teaching techniques to prepare students for grade appropriate transition
  • Written and Oral Language
    • Teaching Competence in Written Language:  Based on research, this curriculum systematically teaches sentence production, sentence elaboration/expansion, and paragraph construction using a visual approach.  It encourages students to build mind pictures which allow them to participate actively in the construction and expression of individual ideas.
    • Shurley Grammar: Using songs, chants and sentence flows, students learn to identify parts of speech and the function of each word in a sentence.
  • Math —Individual
    • Each child’s mathematical skills will be assessed and appropriate programming developed to address individual weaknesses.  Math curriculum includes Saxon Math, Math Their Way, and Touch Math.  All programs use a hands-on approach to teach and practice mathematical concepts.
  • Social Studies, Science, Art, Music, & PE—Based on Alabama Course of Study
    • These subjects are taught using a collection of high quality units that meet research-based standards for teaching children with autism.  Student interest, academic ability, and state curriculum requirements are considered when choosing units of study appropriate for each student.



  • Parent Power Hour Meetings—held monthly.  Information, training and support for parents.
  • On-going Staff Development/Training—these sessions focus on the implementation of research-based best practices in the fields of autism and education.



  • Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA)
  • Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA)
  • Certified special education teachers
  • Licensed speech pathologist
  • Licensed occupational therapist
  • Day School Administrator


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