THRIVE – Adult Program

The Riley Center’s THRIVE program provides comprehensive career and life training for individuals with ASD. From obtaining and maintaining a job one loves to caring for one’s self and home, THRIVE teaches individuals the skills they need to meaningfully participate in and contribute to their communities.

THRIVE’s unique structure allows participants to learn critical and socially significant skills in a controlled and safe on-campus site. Our campus includes fully functional simulated work and living spaces. Learned skills are then generalized to community settings through daily community-based training outings. Whether shopping for groceries, cooking a simple meal, performing home maintenance, scheduling an appointment, budgeting money, arranging transportation, making friends, navigating a city street, or staying on-task to complete a variety of activities…the possibilities are endless to promote maximum independence and highest quality of life for each participant.

All programs are individualized, specific, assessment and data driven, and provided by highly-qualified and passionate staff. We want to be part of the team igniting your amazing future! At TRC, we know that it is not enough to survive from day to day- Everyone deserves the opportunity to THRIVE in a life they love!

A Closer Look:

Our THRIVE participants come from all across North Alabama and southern Tennessee. Research has shown that skills taught and practiced in the environment in which they will be used are more likely to be maintained, making community-based training a building block of our program. Placement and targeted skills are assessed utilizing a variety of tools such as the AFLS & PICS.

Our Staff

Certified Riley Center teachers, therapists, and consultants accompany participants at each site to provide ongoing supervision and training. Riley center staff are responsible for the quality of all work done by participants, as well as their general safety and well-being. Staff utilize principles of ABA to introduce new skills through intensive training and shadowing, gradually fading themselves out to promote independence in the workplace.

Our Partners

“We love the students at Riley Center! They do a great job each time they come to Manna House! We are blessed to be able to work with them each week.” – Fran Fluhler, Director

Our community partners provide participants with opportunities to learn actual vocational skills in the natural environment. This experience cannot be duplicated by any other means available to The Riley Center. Job-site personnel are encouraged to become involved with the participants to the degree that they feel comfortable, promoting interpersonal skills as well.


Manna House

Students count, package, cut and plate various baked goods to be distributed to members of the community in need. Students have also counted out and packaged hygiene items, prepared packing materials, assembled sandwiches, and constructed holiday stockings.




HMCPL – Bailey Cove Branch

Students clean, shelve, and organize books and DVDs in the children’s area. Students occasionally also clean and organize computer, puzzle, art, and puppet areas.




The Riley Center is grateful for all of the community support it has received over the years, and we are excited for the opportunity to help give back by building new cooperative relationships throughout the community for years to come.