Grades K-8

Our intensive classroom programs seek to prepare students for successfully transitioning into, or back into, mainstream classrooms. Academics and Social Skills planning are both a large part of the success of these programs. We utilize principles and techniques based in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to promote skill acquisition and behavior reduction through individual and small group. Our research-supported curriculum is individualized, using observation, assessment, and reports, to meet each student’s needs and strengths in order to increase independence and confidence in the classroom.

Curriculum and Course of Study


Touch Math is a multi-sensory program using signature “Touch Points” to engage students of all abilites and learning styles and teach all concepts from number recognition to time, money, and fractions.

Saxon Math develops skills through hands-on activities and conversations that actively engage students in the learning process. Concepts are developed, reviewed, and practiced over time to develop thinking from concrete to the abstract.

Reading, Spelling & Vocabulary

PCI Reading utilizes precision and fluency teaching methods to build reading skills through researched retention, endurance, and application activites across multi-modal units.

SRA Reading Mastery is a research-based curriculum that provides intensive, explicit and systematic teaching through strategy-based instruction.

Language Arts

Shurley Grammar integrates research proven methods to promote interaction with songs and jingles, as well provide immediate feedback with a Q&A process to analyze parts of speech.

Science & Social Studies

These subjects are taught using a collection of high quality units. Selection is based on student and classroom goals with emphasis on generalization within the community.

Scholastic News has been a great interactive success that the students love! It stays current with world topics and technology while finding ways to meaningfully connect today’s youth to the past and the other side of the world.


Handwriting Without Tears is a research-based multi-sensory handwriting program that progresses from basic fine motor activities to printing and cursive writing.

Typing Without Tears is also utilized to teach students correct form in typing while working to increase fluency and accuracy in today’s technology-drive society.

Physical Education & Social Skills

Our teachers utilize a selection of high-quality resources to provide our students with leisure and social skills that they can generalize to their natural environments to promote physically and socially healthy lifestyles. For many classrooms, this involves practicing classroom-taught skills in the community across a variety of outings and field trips.

The Riley Center’s Day School is a local 501c (3) non-profit and registered private school in the state of Alabama. Our staff is comprised of well-trained, highly educated professionals passionate about improving the lives of our students and families. Each classroom’s curriculum and instruction is overseen by certified teachers. Each class is also overseen by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) for individualized skill and behavioral programming and intervention. Classrooms are also supported by a team of Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) who implement programming and work hands-on with the students daily. Parent and student involvement are also key components to our students’ and programs’ success!

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an information meeting, please contact our Education Department.