After School Enrichment Programs 

Did you know that you don’t have to be part of our other amazing programs in order to enjoy the benefits of our enrichment activities? Through tutoring and social skills programming, our After School Enrichment Programs seek to provide all children and young adults with valuable tools to enhance independence, confidence, and “connectedness.” These services can be utilized independent of or in conjunction with any of TRC’s other programs. 

Social Skills 

Our Social Skills groups seek to advance participants’ abilities to communicate and build relationships with others through need-based programming. From coping skills and perspective taking to understanding the importance of good hygiene and non-verbal communication, our certified staff seek to equip participants with the skills necessary to navigate social situations and build lasting, meaningful relationships. 

Participants are grouped with similar-aged peers and work cooperatively to learn in a fun and supportive environment. Please contact our education director for further information and availability. 


For students who need a little extra support to grasp academic concepts or improve independence and study skills, our certified teaching staff seek to provide individualized instruction and personalized strategies based on the principles of ABA to help participants overcome academic obstacles and reach their full potential. 

Summer Enrichment 

School’s out… now what? Each summer, TRC offers a thematic and engaging summer program for individuals, 6-26 years old, with ASD. This program focuses on maintaining critical academic skills, enhancing social skills, and building independence across work, play, and life skills in new and exciting ways. Community outings are even incorporated into some of our classes. Be sure to follow-up with our education director in the early spring to learn more about the upcoming summer program and save your spot. Oh, and don’t tell the kids… but all that fun they are having- it’s LEARNING!