The time is here… we are ready to Rocket Off!


The Riley Center is VERY excited to announce that we have officially scheduled our move-in dates at our new home at 306 Wynn Drive!

We will initially move some of our business offices, followed by outpatient and education programs. We will likely have to close outpatient services for a day or two during the transition to make sure we have everything in place and ready, with staff trained on new protocols and familiarized with the building. We will limit the closure as much as possible to ensure all our children experience as little disruption to therapy as possible. You will be receiving more detailed information from the center and your department administrators in the coming weeks on how the move will affect your family’s services, as well information about the upcoming open house.

We appreciate your patience in this process, and we could not be more excited to start the next chapter with our amazing families and friends like YOU!